As you already know, my hair is 3c, with a little 4a on my edges. During the THREE YEARS that I have been natural, I did not know why the hell it was so hard to comb my hair, why my curls had so little definition, and why they always seemed to snag up so quickly-- EVEN AFTER I'D JUST COMBED THEM!

Culprit #1

Using any kind of comb or brush will make your hair frizz while DRY. But while wet, finer tooth combs work MIRACLES! It's so simple. How can I possible detangle my hair if the comb can't catch my snags because it's so freaking wide?

All my shedding and breakage has been partially the result of not combing well. The hair that might've come out from a widetooth comb out might've been there for months, clumped in with my good hair!

Most articles say that you should comb your hair in the shower while covered in conditioner. It's MORE important for 3c girls is that each strand gets coated by the moisturizing product they LEAVE IN the hair, not the stuff that gets washed out. Besides, combing your hair out in the shower wastes water and creates disgusting drain clogs. So from now on, I'm going to the majority of my combing OUTSIDE of the shower and AFTER I've put in my leave in!

Culprit #2

Usually, frizz is caused by poorly maintained hair. But the reason why I had a hard time combing through my hair with a fine tooth comb was my ends! Everything would be smooth sailing from root to the majority of my hair shaft. Solution? I snipped off all of those awful ends!

1. Keep your ends healthy by keeping them moisturized and staying away from harmful products and styling tools.
2. Finer tooth combs/brushes should be used only while 3c hair is WET and covered in light amount of product that promotes healthy and moisturized hair. This helps separate the curls!

I truly hope that this revelation might help others, because I am seriously so happy right now.

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