I HATE you Helena Christensen and Christy Turlington!!!! Stop your filth flarn flarn filth *****ing about how much you hated modeling! Tell that to the 13 year old with her head down the toilet trying to be like you! Tell that to the poor kids who are inches too short or who are built like normal women and not stick creatures! If you hate it so damned much why don't you get a NORMAL job and stop monopolizing the fashion industry that spawned your spoiled brat non-behinds!!! How about turning that stupid Sundari company over to some real Indians? How about letting a real photography student photograph for Nylon? All you need to get rich in this country is a body like a concentration camp victim, straight hair and light eyes!!! BAAAHHHHH!!!!

I hate you because you've ruined my favorite band guys. I can't believe Bono wrote a frickin' poem to your tired behind! What is the world coming to when the bands you adored in high school, that meant something, sold out and became self-righteous celebrities? Where are those cute neo-punk guys from Ireland? I don't want to have to like The Pogues!

I HATE celebrities! All you non talent, selfish corporate spawn! All you do is moan and complain in public about your addictions and your expensive lifestyles! Bravo to the south park guys for making "Team America." How dare you get involved in politics as if you care about Americans! Go to a fashion show or something! And quit hawking products abroad that you don't have the balls to represent here in the states! God!

Go away, you and your ridiculously named kids! What's next? Carpet Douglas? Vanilla Martin and her sister Orange and Apple? Hearsay Moore Kutcher? AAARRRGGHHHH!!!!