I liked coming here as it was a nice place to read about a variety of subjects and interact with some cool people, but the pure hatred and spitefullness of some just blew it for me. There was one comment in particular that was the breaking point.

I'm sure I'll be labeled a "troll" just for coming out and saying it, but doesn't matter. I'm just guessing that this board is such a hotbed for trolling because of the incredulous amount of taunting, teasing, and pure hate that exists here.

I hope at least someone reads what I said in the gay marriage thread and takes it to heart. Maybe the hurt is all part of the fun and games, but there are real people involved, not just a network of computers. What started out as an escape for me, coming to this board, became a real shock - I guess I've been lucky that I've been able to isolate myself so much because I've very rarely seen so much mean, spiteful behavior in one place as I've seen here. The bad outweighs the good, and I hate to say that because there are some good people here. I'll probably still go to the hair boards from time to time for the useful information, but that is the only thing out of this site that I want any more. I hope some of you realize that you're spoiling this place pure and simple, and causing people a lot more pain than you realize.