I dislike Black women who think it's okay to be fat. Mainly that Mo'Nique women. Stop trying to promote the idea that being fat is okay. It's not.

Mo'Nique writes a book called "Skinny Bytches Are Evil" and spews her dislike of skinny women. She gets on talk shows and comedy stages and gets ignorant black women to clap and "Yeah gurl!!" her on being obese.

Your heart will give out and you will die Mo'Nique. Why? Not because skinny bytches are evil but because your fat.

Or you will lose 50 pounds and claim your doctor FORCED you to do it.(Missy Elliot) When deep down, your confidence is through the roof and you're dancing circles in your bra and thong at night because you can see your feet again without sitting down for the first time in longer than 9 months.

Damn I needed that.
Shampoo: Herbal Essences-NOYF

Conditioner: Herbal Essences NOYF Conditioner mixed w/ Coppola Keratin Complex Conditioner

+ TJ Nourish and Olive oil combo.