The Divi in Aruba is nice! I loved the riu in playa del Carmen but I know many are not interested in mexico bit we loved playa del Carmen. If we go there again I want to try the Porto Real.

How did you like Curaçao?

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Oh it's beautiful and I would def go again!! The shopping was incredible too!! I stayed at the all-inclusive Breezes resort which was pretty nice.

I wanna go to Mexico but my BF is all against it bc of the unrest down there.. but seriously tho?? Is it THAT bad?
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The unrest in Mexico was not as bad when we went but I do know people are concerned about it. Typically that area (cancun and playa del carmen) does not have the issues other areas do. Before I went again I would do some checking into that. But th area was beautiful and the people were great!

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