I can see why there are people not into it. It's not a clean, polished look.

It's a bit loud and choppy. But, that's what I like about it, along with the color pairing that can happen.

It's odd that I hate color on my face, but love it on my nails.
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Color I don't have an issue with, I guess it's just the choppiness I dislike. Boo, I thought I would like it. Usually I go for somewhat offbeat styles.
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I have all the shatter colors, and the black one is the best IMO. I don't get choppiness with it and I love that my manicure doesn't have to be super perfect underneath. Shatter cleans things up for me.

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What I meant by choppy is that it isn't just one smooth color the way a regular mani is. Some just won't like the aesthetics of the look. I'm not fond of the French manicure and manicures where the tips are different colors than the rest of the nail because of the nail breakup/chop it gives. Others love that look.

Have you gone outside of OPI for the shatter/crackle yet? How do you like the other colors from OPI? I only have the black from them. Sally's is two minutes from home (and I pass Rite Aid on the way to work) so getting the China Glaze and SH ones has been more convenient for me.
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