Natural breasts are not perfectly round, hard, they bounce, and yes even sag a bit. Getting over-sized implants not only puts you in unnecessary danger of complications, but only reinforces what society deems to be ideal breasts. If you want huge "natural" looking breasts, insist that the surgeon place the implants "above" the pectoralis muscle where breast tissue is supposed to be and put a five pound weight in each one. When your back ends up in a sling, they are hanging to your waist, and you can't find clothes that fit, then tell me how you like your DDs then.

Quit asking me when I'm going to give my only child a baby brother or sister. Infertility is traumatic enough without you rubbing it in my face with your stupid questions. It's extremely rude and insensitive to ask anyone this. If someone doesn't have children, A) they either can't or B) they don't want any, neither of which is any of your friggin business.

Just because I work at home, doesn't mean I don't have a job. I clock in just like you do, so quit calling and dropping by when you know I'm working and NO I can't/won't watch your sick kid so YOU can go to work.

Quit giving that out-of-control brat of yours idol threats. Either get off your lazy rump and bust their butt or keep your mouth shut.

There, I feel better.