Hey Rusycurly! Hope you love the Daily Fix! I have to admit I was a little skeptical at first because every previous attempt at co-washing was a total bomb for me, but this stuff really truly does what everyone says - cleans the scalp, gets the length of your hair clean without stripping, and leaves it super nice and moisturized. I have less (zero, actually!) scalp gunk than I've ever had with any product ever and my hair looks and feels soooooooo much healthier. Totally HG for me, and I've NEVER had an HG anything!

*ahem* sorry! As you were, everybody!
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OMG, Penny, I tried it....it was awesome! I can definitely see myself using this all the time. I also tried the Repair me and I loved it so much. My hair was curling in the shower and it was uber moisturizing.

So I guess I learned two other things: (1) I don't have to be afraid of protein!!! I used once the Aphogee two step protein treatment and it was a mess. My hair had never been so hard...even after I did a moisturing treatment afterwards. I'm so happy with this find. (2) I'm slowly but surely becomeing a Curl Junkie Junkie!
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Let's hear it for beautiful curls!!!