So I'm chugging along w/ my modest, low maintainence transition (trimming fried relaxed ends regularly, experiencing regular growth, co-washing etc), when I find it.

A WHITE HAIR. As in X-Men Storm white. I'm TWENTY-TWO. And this thing was just as long, sprung up in a one man tiny little defiance to my healthy hair plans!

The whole reason I want to go natural was so that I could maintain healthy, chemical alteration free hair (and grow it long :3). But now I have a couple of questions:

-Are there safe, natural dyes like henna or something I could use later on ?

- Is it a good idea to color natural / kinky-curly hair?

- Will all the new growth I experience later on be white too!? D:

I don't want to look like Storm, but I don't want to engulf my hair in a potentially damaging process either. Anyone out there w/ a similar experience / advice?!

White hair at 22! D: