OMG, Penny, I tried was awesome! I can definitely see myself using this all the time. I also tried the Repair me and I loved it so much. My hair was curling in the shower and it was uber moisturizing.
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AWESOME! I'm so glad it worked for you! Congratulations! If your hair's anything like mine it'll just keep getting better and better the more you use it (I keep expecting my hair to get sick of it, but no! It loooooooooooves it some CF!)

I may have to try the Repair Me now. This site is really messing with my wallet, LOL!
Too wavy to be curly, too curly to be wavy
Fine (some exceptions may apply), low porosity (ditto), proudly rockin' my premature silver/white
More please: EVOO, honey
Nuh-uh: heavy oils and butters, ACV, soap bars, olefin sulfonate, protein

GVP CB, CJ BC Argan & Olive Oil, and CJ CIAB for the W1N!