Just be sure to only use parts 1 and 2. You shouldn't need part 3 (that's the peroxide!). Since the other brands you used were lifting colors, you will probably be left with a light red-brown or something, you could lift to strawberry blonde. So I would definitely use the Ash Blonde. That will tone down the red. You may need 2 boxes.

Please be sure to do a strand test before coloring!
Your hair will be more porous and it could really grab that color. That's why you need to start light. You can always go a shade darker later if needed. You don't need to cut off hair, just choose a good-sized strand and separate from the rest with plastic wrap or something. Check your timing and write it down. And keep an eye on your hair during coloring to be safe.

HTH and keep me posted. LMK if you have more questions.

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