i remember i had very short curly bangs in elementary. they were stringy and looking back im surprised that i never saw anything wrong with them i remember i was eating breakfast with some kids in my class and my younger sister's class at school, and one of my sister's best friends (who also was related to "special people" which gave her special privlages, and she knew it) looked at me and said, "oh, did you do your own hair today? whatever its ok i guess. but your bangs are funny! i think im going to call you curly fries from now on" i never had my bangs cut after that. by 8th grade (im now going into my freshmen year) my bangs were completely grown out to match the length of the rest of my hair. then this last year, i finally found out how to use and apply products! but when i tried a new mousse, i remember Girl #1 (who had straight hair) came up to me and said "wow. it looks crunchy and greasy" but when i told my best friends (none of us liked that girl, or the rest of the class for that matter LOL) they consoled me and told me that my hair looked lovely that day then i think around the end of the year, i started parting my hair to the far side (farther than normal i think). in our french class, Girl #1 and her only other friend, (who behind her back said she didnt like *Girl #1*, and nobody in the class liked her either), announced so that everyone in the class could hear, "well, SOMEBODY'S got like a combover over there" i talked with my friends about it later, and one of them were going to say something, but the opportunity passed by when the teacher shushed us all up. but after prom at our school Girl #1 came back with a friggin PERM. she announced to the class that her grandma gave it to her. not to mention that after P.E. Girl #1 would always tell me "i need some of that curl stuff that you use for my hair!" and one time while i left my locker to put on makeup, she invited herself and another girl to my hair products, then walked off. later on my friends and i decided that her "perm" really wasnt that great. to put it in short, "ive seen cats cough up better"