Curledlove, I sometimes feel as if I see a lot of breakage too! But we have to keep in mind that we're seeing breakage from multiple days.

Also, I really want to understand why I'm experiencing breakage at all. Breakage is the result of weak hair strands, right? So what can I do to make sure my hair stays strong?

1. Make sure I'm healthy first of all (eating right, drinking water, exercising).
2. Keeping my hair healthy. Which for me means not using sulfates, heat, or any other harsh chemical.

I feel like the only things I really need for my hair are my detangling paddle brush, a light oil similar to my body's natural oils, my leave in conditioner, a very mild gel or serum to help maintain my style, and scissors for awful ends (which will hopefully never get awful again due to consistent moisturizing!).

I think the key to having tangle free curls is to detangle when necessary. We shouldn't wait days or weeks when we obviously have a curls that won't separate or look clumped together and gross. All it takes is wetting the hair, applying the styling products, and gently detangling while allowing the fine tooth comb to activate your curls!
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