Today, restocked on staples - KC Come Clean, KCNT, QB BRBC

Picked up some knew things to try, too - AO Swimmer's Shampoo and AO Swimmer's Conditioner
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Let me know how you like the swimmers shampoo, i bought some a couple weeks ago. Haven't used it yet..haven't even swam yet l0l
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Working back up to swimming laps but for now, I'm doing an early morning Water Fitness class. Usually, only the back of my head gets wet since it's in the shallow pool. (There's one in the deep end which I'll probably do, too, when the new sessions start next month.) I started out using Ultra Swim shampoo and conditioner (had purchased sometime ago). Liked the Ultra Swim Shampoo but their conditioner was totally worthless, so decided to look for something else and came across the Aubrey Organics products.

Yesterday, tried them for the first time. Based on one use, the shampoo is nice. About my only complaint is that I'm use to thicker shampoos and this one is a little on the thin side. Now the conditioner, I'm in love with after one use. For me, it was very moisturizing and had a good amount of slip in it. Compared to the Ultra Swim products I had been using previously, I definitely prefer the AO products. Again that's based on one use. Will report back how they work over the long haul, since my hair can be really funny when trying new products.Like my hair can absolutely love something on first try only to eventually end up hating it after a few more uses.
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