Great idea for a thread!
My voice is almost fully recovered - I'm feeling much less self-conscious about it.

I kicked the coffee habit - which was hell for me but I had to for medical reasons. Harder than giving up alcohol, harder than any diet. Yay for me!!!!!

I'm finally a curly girl every day! Happy to be at peace with that.

My birthday is coming up. I look great for 66 (at least I think so LOL).

I had a great interview today - but not going to post on the job thread until I see if I get a second interview.

Haven't gone shopping in months because of $$ but did so today in case I get a second interview and had great success. Amazing! Found a chic suit that is perfect for interviews, on sale and miraculously fits without needing alteration.

For some reason - I felt happy all day. I wish I could bottle this stuff. Sending Hugs to everyone
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I love it when things all seem to go right at the same time!

My size 6 shorts are officially too big