Having moaned about my loathsome job for I don't know how long I finally got off my bum and did something about it. Spoke to two of my managers who were remarkably understanding and offered to let me take a year off from my permanent position while still giving me options to work if and when I feel like it, on a casual basis. I've applied to do a 6 month course at college and see what happens (should hear in a couple of days if I've got in). I can't begin to describe the relief I feel - I've done the same job for 30yrs and finally feel like I'm moving away from it. Don't know how it'll work out, might all go completely pear shaped and the money (lack of) will be an issue, but right now I'm just happy. Not working nights and weekends is something I'm really looking forward to.
Yay for happy stories!
3b in South Australia.