Hello all! I'm a new transitioner, and I came looking for you guys (although thread doesn't seem super active ) because I have been wanting to transition for a year, but I'm overthinking it and I need to spend some time around people that are similarly situated. I went for 8 weeks last try and caved for no good reason. I think I may have had somewhere to go.

Anyway - I am COMMITTED to this and so I declare my very last relaxer EVER to be June 2011. I am planning to transition in buns, so it will likely be long, since my hair obviously needs to be long enough to pull back at all times. My hair used to be really long, but I cut it a few years ago. It's about chin length now. I figure no sense in growing it all the way out with a relaxer if my heart's desire is to wear it natural.

So-hi! Hope to see more of us more often in here!