And I don't think its nice to attack sum1 bc of sicknesses like I didn't know that about Eilonwy that she takes pills. It is not funny. NEway ur wrong - I have more of life than ne of you. I only got on now bc I saw that troll last night. I dont have as many hours at school&work w/ summer and Im getting ready to go back to Bulgaria in autumn. So I have more time but I'm not gonna troll as much. Sorry... Lk I saw the troll last nite was on a long time and I never troll that long cuz I get boared. Like I'm leaving now. Nothing fun going on. Ill prolly be back 1 or more times b4 leaving the United States. Bye.
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The mind boggles

Also I took like 2 tylenol today, maybe I have a problem?

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