Um that troll last nite wasn't me. My trolling is much better than that. She was ok but she just trolled 1 person. She should combine troll attacks into 1 post like I did on spiderlashes thread.

And I am not citrus troll nemore. I moved onto spices. Did u know spices are really good w/citrus lk oranges & cloves and um grapefruits and cinnamon? Oh no I'll bring that boring chef in here Sorry-ah. All she does is talk about foods she must have no life but 2 cook and complain about her jobs. Lk we care. She is worst than Residual. At least I got rid of her w/my good trolling. PPl in the US have no work ethic. These fat lazees here are proof of that!!
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"I moved onto spices."

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