This is more in line with the original post that started this thread:

For the people at my old job: There is no hierarchy here, you're retired from the military now, leave the rank system behind. Just because I am young, black (well, mixed, but I know you assume) and female doesn't mean that my talents amount to shredding papers, making copies and buying doughnuts for the big meeting tomorrow. That is why I left. Don't act like I am the disloyal one because I wanted more pay and more out of my job.

Person waiting for the subway: Let the people out FIRST, do not stand directly in the doorway when the other riders are trying to get off. I knocked you off balance when I passed you because you were blocking my exit. Maybe two wrongs don't make a right, but hopefully you will think next time you wait for a train.

People entering my work building--both doors open, don't stand in line waiting to get to the right sde door when you could reach over and open the other door.

People handing out flyers at the train station: Shoving your pamphlet at me doesn't make me interested in your cause. If you walk ten feet and look in the trash, you'll see how far your flyers got.

Woman who sells flowers at the subway station: Your selection is beautiful but I have only recently figured out you are a woman. Ambiguous people frighten me.

Movies, etc: Stop showing only round perky boobs with tiny nipples. It makes those of us who inherited "native" boobs and dinnerplates feel abnormal and self conscious about what we have.

People walking their dogs: Please clean up the poop. Looking the other way while your dog is dropping a duece isn't fooling anyone. The world is not a toilet for your pet.

In general: stop telling me to talk. I am shy and not talkative. why is there a problem with that?
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