Oyin handmade sells sample sizes: Oyin Handmade: Nutritious and Delicious Care On The Go!

Jessicurl provides free samples with orders: Samples-Shop Now but you might contact them and explain your situation. Maybe they would be willing to make some arrangements with you, since it could bring them new customers.

Komaza Care also has samples sizes: Samples-Shop Now

Curl Junkie sells sample product sets: Trial / Sample Size set and Sales! | Curly Hair Products | Naturally Beautiful Curls | Curl Junkie | Addicted to Curls!

There are probably others, but these are the ones I know off the top of my head. HTH!
3b/3a, medium porosity, slightly coarse, high elasticity, high density. CG 2004; mod CG since 2006. CG again since 4/1/11.

Gudonya Salty Dawg (etsy), SM Moisture Retention
CO: Gudonya Intense (etsy), SM Restorative, Tresemme Naturals
LI: Gudonya IHC, SMCH Milk, Tresemme Nat, Biotera LI
Stylers (current rotation): AVG/H20 spray, Eco Styler, EVCO, SMCH smoothie and mist, La Bella LoC, ORS Lock & Twist.
Homemade DTs, PTs and Pre-Poos
Love flour sack towels.
Coconut oil = magic!