I posted some of this in another thread here already, but what the hell, I'll post it here too.

I'm 38 and am about 65-70% gray (though I admittedly suck at math so it might be more or less than that). I started finding grays regularly in my early teens and by my mid 20's I began coloring, though that was more for fun than for any other reason (hey, it was the 90's ). By my early 30's though it was definitely gray enough that I felt like I had to cover it. However, that was a huge and expensive pain in the arse - my hair grows really fast, number one, so keeping up with my roots was a challenge, and number two, my hair is mostly low porosity, so getting the color to absorb evenly was next to impossible. Some sections wouldn't process at all. I also have very fair skin, so my color selection was pretty limited, which got real old after awhile (no pun intended!).

So a couple of years ago my hairstylist at the time convinced me to just cut my hair short and let the gray come in. "If my gray looked like yours, I'd never color it!" is what she told me. I was dubious, but because I was so frickin' over having to constantly cover it up I decided to go for it. Plus I was curious to see what it looked like. I won't lie, it took some getting used to, and I definitely felt like I looked old at first. The hair in front is a fine, cottony blond-white with some sparkly whites mixed in and the back has more silver. I have some pure, bright white on the sides as well (who knew there were so many shades of white? Lol!) It's definitely a look! But I've come to really love it and would never color it again. I get oodles of compliments on it, way more than I ever had in my pre-gray days. A lot of people think it's a dye job, which is hilarious to me. When I tell them it's my gray their faces just go blank, like I've just told them I'm from the moon or something. My husband was saying the other day that he thought it complimented my skin tone nicely and that I actually look *better* this way! So yeah, my coloring days are over for good. What other people do with their hair is up to them, but imho, I prefer my hair the way it is.
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Fine (some exceptions may apply), low porosity (ditto), proudly rockin' my premature silver/white
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