Im going to start a hair growth phase again. I'll be getting my hair braided either this weekend or next week.

Once I get braids I usually keep them for about a month. I'll take the braids out just to wash my scalp and then I'll immediately get rebraided. This goes on for about 8 months.

My main regiment with braids is to drink lots and lots of water so my scalp doesn't dry. That keeps dandruff and buildup from occurring and I'll be sure to stay away from scalp moisturizers that have cones or other buildup ingredients.

I've decided to only use coconut oil as my moisturizer and water. I might make a diluted conditioner and apply with a spray bottle but it will mostly be water.

I'll post updates and track my growth.

Dietery side is mostly vegetables and fruits. I eat salads everyday. I will be taking men's vitamins and some biotin pills too.

Currently I jog about 12 miles a day and I'll start adding other sports and fitness exercises into my routine.

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