Yesterday, I was at a mall and there was a little booth where they sell flatirons and man,the girl's eyes lit up when she saw me coming! I told her no thank you, I don't use any styling tools on my hair. She said that it would look real nice. I told her that I have a GHD sitting at home,gathering dust,and there is NOTHING wrong with my hair and it looks great the way it is!(And it was a good hair day) She stood there with her mouth agape as I walked off,smiling. Ha!
CG since 5/11
Hair type: 3b/3c (underneath canopy sometimes) f/m,high-porosity,iii,BSL-dry,APL-wet
Co-wash: SNGA,Devacurl no-poo, Sally no sulfate shampoo for color treated hair.
CO: GFP&C(added argan oil),SNGA,OC
Product: ecostyler w/add-ins,DevaAngell,FSG,GFP&C curl cream and gel.Pantene curly gel,PM detangler,
SOTC: SIF, lavender spray
DT: AVG 1xwk, Apoghee 2 step 1x per month
My hair hates AVG and glycerin
Somewhat of a PJ,Still experimenting!!!