I'm curious how much of an effect these Curls fiascos that keep occuring have had on fans of Curls products. I'm not suggesting anyone stop using her products or remain loyal to them. I'm just curious as to the perceptions of others since I know my opinion but not the scope of others' opinions.

I'm basing my question on the threads (these are the most recent ones):


Option 1--This is all about trust. By choosing this option, you are saying that if a new product came out, you wouldn't trust the ingreds to remain accurate on the website.

Option 2--This is all about the ingreds, not trust. This option is for those who discontinued use of products because of cones/other ingreds being added. If you don't use cones or other ingreds now in Curls products but would use a new Curls product or reformulation without cones or whatever ingred you are avoiding, this is the option you would choose.

Option 3--This option is completely about results. You have to have tried the new formulation to vote for this option. If you didn't like your results with a certain ingred so you didn't purchase, that would be Option 2. If you tried new formulation(s) and didn't like the results, this option is for you.

Option 4--If you don't purchase Curls products anymore because they aren't available at CurlMart (and none of the options above apply), this option is for you. This may be because you are in an area that Curls doesn't ship to or prefer CurlMart's CS and/or selection.

Option 5--This option is not about trust, ingreds, or results but solely about CS and nc.comer experiences posted. If these stories influenced you to not purchase Curls products anymore, this is your option.

Option 6--This option is for those who continue to use Curls products and have tried/continue to use some of the newer formulations. If you haven't tried any new formulations but plan to, please don't vote until you have because you may fall under Option 3 and can't change your vote afterward.

Feel free to just vote unanimously in the poll or vote in the poll then post a comment.