I did a banana and oil (coconut, grape seed, olive and almond) and honey DT for my dry curls and the banana was AWFUL. I pureed the mixture in a blender so I wouldn't have chunks of banana in my hair but it didn't help. It just made the banana chunks super fine to the point where when I put it in my hair it DID NOT wash out. The banana literally would not wash out of my hair. I took an hour and a half long shower and even had to shampoo (I've been no poo for over a year, so this was very upsetting) in desperate attempt to get it out. The banana was literally engrained in my hair. I used a quarter of a bottle of conditioner, as well, just to get my hair unknotted and to try to smooth the banana out, which helped a little bit but when I eventualy got out of the shower I still had a head full of soggy banana bits. I got most of the banana out with my hair brush (which was FULL of banana afterwards and super gross) but still ended up going to work with a little bit of banana in my hair still! On top of all that, my bathtub drain also became clogged with banana, which I had to disgustingly clean out later.

Long story short, this was the absolute WORST hair treatment ever and I will NEVER use banana on my hair ever again!
Curls are beautiful <3