I chose option 1, even though it's a combination of 1 and 2. I just realized (due to a recent post about it) that the CEAHT I recently got now has cones in it. I'm pretty sure the ingredients list on the site didn't indicate that when I bought it and I was wondering why it seemed to behave differently in my hair than the sample I bought from Sista's Place a while ago. It's really not cool to do a switcheroo like that on your customers with nary a warning. I won't be buying from them any more.

Edited to add:

I realize many big companies change formulations often with out letting customers know, but Curls is a small comany that is very familiar with this website and the CG routine. It would have been nice if they put a little line of text that "this now has cones" above the product. It's not like they've never heard of CG and not using shampoo or whatnot.
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