I was reading stories about her online all night. (There's A LOT!) It freaked me out.

I consider the relationship I had with my last boss to be an abusive one, which lasted for three years, but I stayed because I loved my job and I loved being in that industry and part of me felt like if my boss felt like somebody cared about him, he'd change. (So dumb, huh?)

So...the thought of walking into another abusive boss relationship was upsetting me and I was wondering if I should just not GO because then I won't be faced with some decision.

Part of me was even worried that she'd make fun of me or yell at me at the interview.

I did not sleep.

At. All.

Like...not for a single minute. I conked-out on the train for a little while.

I got there at 9 AM on the dot.

We just talked and talked and talked for almost the entire hour!

She's clearly brilliant, hilariously funny and really beautiful!

I feel like we really hit it off. She kept saying how fantastic my cover letter was, how I'm clearly a wonderful writer and then went on and on about all the other kinds of applications she got, and how nice it was to get somebody who was so funny and smart and well-written.

She knows I want to focus on my writing as well and thought that was great. I was able to talk about my last job a lot and how much I got from it.

Seriously, she just made me feel like Jerry Seinfeld...she was ROARING at me!

She kept saying how much she wanted somebody very funny that she could talk to and her last words to me as I left were, "...I bet we could have A LOT of fun together."

I sent her more references, and included a certain famous actor friend of mine, even though I was never technically his assistant, but he always credits me as being his "original" publicist who really got the word about him out 10 years ago.

Seriously, she was awesome!

I left in a really great mood and even if it doesn't work-out and I don't get the job, she just might be a very good person to have on my side!
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So her office called to talk to me further...asked incredibly weird questions (what my college GPA was, and three times, if I was from Long Island. ?????)

Apparently, she really really LOVED me...we'll see.