I'm a transitioner going on my eleventh month and pretty much have been doing consistent braid outs and twist outs for the last year. This was all fine until I started working at a restaurant and have been required to pull my hair back 4 times a week. I used to have thinning edges around my temples when I was relaxed due to constant ponytails and buns, but during my transition they had finally begun filling back in. However, for the past month I've been resorting to more buns with a headband for work, as my employer does not allow any braids (even without extensions) and it's the only way I can figure out to pull my hair back and make it look presentable (right now my natural roots shrink too much to be pulled back smoothly without a headband). Any suggestions on hairstyles that would not put so much tension on my edges, yet would still keep my hair back and looking nice? I'd really appreciate it- i'm beyond frustrated because I had a good regimen before I started working and coming up with something just as good for my hair (and EDGES) has been so difficult!