]several of those actually applied.[/b] Mostly I can't trust the ingredients list, secondly I don't use cones. Even if I did use cones they change the formulas so much I can't trust that a product I like will be the same the next time I order.
Just as soon as they started reformulating willy nilly and the ingredients lists were wrong I stopped using them right then. I swapped off what I had and erased my bookmarks to their site.
I'm done
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I'd actually vote for an option that said 'no, all of the above' listed right before the last 'yes, I still use Curls products' option. I didn't pick an option yet but mine would be based on all of the 'no' choices. Of course the whole nc.com/curlmart thing with curls put a bad taste in my mouth for ever ordering from Curls, and I never did. Like I said in the other thread, the CEAHT was the only product that worked for me, and I do love it (before the reformulation), it's an HG condish for me. Or was. And I would have loved to have tried milkshake, but not bad enough to order from a company that I really don't feel that I can trust.
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