Oh, CIBC, I feel badly that you are apologizing. If you can't let off steam and be honest about your depressed feelings, I feel like I can't be frank either! I'm not expressing this terribly well. Maybe if I say it in reverse - if you (you personally or gy) feels safe enough here to let it all hang out and express your inner feelings, ecstatic or miserable, it kind of gives others permission to do the same.

I hope I am making sense. I do understand what you are saying, but I always feel this is a place where we can be ourselves, and not feel the pressure to fake it in any way. I have to fake it a lot with people - I don't want them to know how scared or sad or angry I am a lot of the time - but I don't fake it here. It's very hard and a chore to put on a happy act all the time. I have to pretend when I am on interviews and often I pretend with my family and friends so they won't be burdened. Here I can be me and it's a relief just to be me - frizz, warts and all.

Sending (((HUGS))) - and acceptance.

ETA the warts are psychological not physical
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Awwwe, thanks so much curlypearl.

I know exactly what you mean...I have a very close male friend (there's a thread analyzing him here somewhere...) who is probably the most solid, dependable man I have ever had in my life. He has been SO supportive, but I'm also scared if I let on how depressed I was, he'd really have it with me and just never talk to me again because he wouldn't want to deal with it. I know that's not true, but it's something I worry about...so whenever I talk to him I do try to be all, "I'm GREAT! Enjoying my time off! Everything happens for a reason!"