Hello. I have doing the curly girl method for about 3 months now and I just got my hair colored (dyed). Are there any CG approved shampoos and conditioners for color treated hair? Any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated!!

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I recently started coloring my hair again after realising that going natural gray was really aging me. I did a lot of researching cause I have been CG for years and bought Yes To Cucumbers Color Care shampoo and conditioner. I like them both and they really smell great if you like cucumbers (plus really goes well with BBW cucumber melon ) I bought them at Walgreens. HTH
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3A short inverted bob, auburn with red highlights colored hair
Fine, but lots of it

Yes to Cucumbers Color Care shampoo and conditioner, AOMMJ, KCCC, CJCIAB, CJRP, CJBCLI, CJCR.