I would bet its something in your products, possibly the cj leave in. I loved curl queen but it made me itch like crazy. I still can't pinpoint the culprit ingredient, but now I know if I get bad itching it has to be an ingredient and not just dry scalp (this never occurred to me before reading threads on curl talk). I still use a little giovanni DLI on my scalp though even though it's summer. It hasn't had any negative effects (build up, greasiness, etc) and I don't wash for 4 or 5 days. Try switching out your leave in and see if it helps!

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2's+3a/ med density/ normal-high porosity/ fine-med texture, normal elasticity (I think!):
Wash: CJ Daily Fix/Giovanni TTTT
Conditioner: Giovanni TTT
LI: Giovanni DLI, AO Mandarin Magic- Jane Carter Scalp Nourishing Serum for dry, sensitive scalp
Stylers: AG Re:coil, Mop C Curl Cream, CCClite, Spiral Solutions FHG...Sealing w/ Coconut oil
Finishing product: JC Nourish & Shine, MD Strawberry Smoothie