HUGE Happiness at just finding this board recently and finding a lot of wonderfully helpful people here!

I have so much to be thankful for. After 8 years of singledom the universe decided I should meet my match and we are now living together in total love and happiness.

It was my 50th birthday a couple of months ago and he took me on an amazing 11 day cruise and a week riding roller coasters in Florida. What an awesome man and what an incredible way to celebrate.

I am so in love! It is so weird because we are so happy and there isn't even the slightest hint that it won't be lovely forever. I decided that I will be the one to make him first in my life and he's done the same for me.. Letting go of having to be right about everything has been wonderful for both of us.
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this is wonderful!!!!!

I love this thread, and I love reading everybody's happy things! 2010 and 2011 have been stellar years for me, and I've been so overwhelmed by my good fortune.


*I got a decent-paying job in my field (libraries) while still in grad school--and these
jobs are NOT plentiful.
*I lost 20 lbs
*I got married
*I discovered the Clarisonic (thanks to!) and my face is finally almost clear!


*Have kept the weight off.
*Finally learned to run without collapsing and gasping for air
*Husband got a job within a month of moving here
*Got enough back from my tax return to get a car for my husband
*Best friend had a beautiful baby, after trying for several years, various fertility treatments, and 2 miscarriages
*Won "rookie of the year" at work, and got $100 for it
*Interviewed for a promotion...and got it! And a raise!
*Got health insurance for my husband, just days before he got a MRSA-infected insect bite on his knee--perfect timing!
*Finally got over a cold/cough/sore throat that lasted 3 weeks
*Perfected my "sticky rice"
*Summer is finally here! :-D
*3-day weekend this weekend!
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that's a whole lotta awesomeness!

My son's skateboard got snapped in half a few days ago. It was an accident but still not cheap to just run out and replace. I definitely didn't have the money to replace it immediately. My son's uncle heard and immediately insisted on replacing it for him. Son's aunt called one of our local boardshops ( aunt and uncle live in CO, we're in CA) and bought him a new deck and we just had to pick it up! What a fantastic family I have. Here's Luke with his new deck after leaving the shop.
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yeah for good family!

Great idea for a thread!
My voice is almost fully recovered - I'm feeling much less self-conscious about it.

I kicked the coffee habit - which was hell for me but I had to for medical reasons. Harder than giving up alcohol, harder than any diet. Yay for me!!!!!

I'm finally a curly girl every day! Happy to be at peace with that.

My birthday is coming up. I look great for 66 (at least I think so LOL).

I had a great interview today - but not going to post on the job thread until I see if I get a second interview.

Haven't gone shopping in months because of $$ but did so today in case I get a second interview and had great success. Amazing! Found a chic suit that is perfect for interviews, on sale and miraculously fits without needing alteration.

For some reason - I felt happy all day. I wish I could bottle this stuff. Sending Hugs to everyone
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so many happy things for you. yeah!

I start my new job today (and I get to wear scrubs)!

I don't start seeing patients until next week...I'm only going to meet the parents and observe them with their old therapist before I take over her caseload.
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a dreamy pisces
please recycle, it matters...
i change lives...through fitness
i'm more relaxed being natural

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