i agree, the results you are looking for would take chemical altering and miss jessie's silkner (an in salon service, not a store bought product) seems to target your description. see images of some before and after services here.

my 2 cents (skip if you're not interested and just wanted your question answered): everyone has different goals, but i define the beauty of hair by its health, not the definition of curls. with good care, not chemical altering, hair grows to be healthy, happy and stronger. consider investing in the proper care of your natural hair rather than trying to get someone else's texture (via processes that are most likely damaging), and you may come to love the fierceness thats growing out of your own scalp.

good luck whatever you do.
Style: Twists as protective style for winter, occassional bantu twist outs.
Weekly: Preepoo w/ rosemary water, honey, coco oil and castor oil. Wash w/ KBB conditioning poo, condition with KBB moisturizing conditioner. Twist with KBB Sweet Ambrosia, Shea and dab of castor oil.
Monthly:KBB Luscious Locks DT. Terressentials detox left hair significantly softer and shinier, now use to wash once every 2 months.