I realize many big companies change formulations often with out letting customers know, but Curls is a small company that is very familiar with this website and the CG routine.
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I've been thinking about this aspect because I don't want to judge unfairly. For me, it's about it being a primarily internet-based business. I would feel the same if drugstore.com (who frequently posts a line about "due to packaging updates, the product received could differ from the one pictured"), amazon.com, or newegg.com started mixing stuff up on me. If I ordered a Sony DVD+/- IDE burner from newegg.com and what arrived was an external USB DVD burner, I'd be annoyed. There's a big trust issue when you can't feel/touch/inspect an item for yourself.

When some of the big 3--P&G (Aussie, Herbal Essences, Pantene, etc), Unilever (Dove, Suave, etc), or J&J (Neutrogena, Aveeno, etc) change products' ingredients, it's up to me to inspect as I hold the bottle in my hand at the store. That's why I believe trust with internet-based companies is so vital.

Fortunately, it's been my experience that negative trust issues have been isolated to the Curls brand and have not affected my opinions/comfort level with Jessicurl, Mop Top, Curl Junkie, Blended Beauty, Curlisto, Oyin Handmade, etc. And I love CurlMart as much...maybe more...than ever for their awesomeness (though I have ordered some of the brands I listed from the brand websites to get a special, etc so they were cool too).