Desert Essence has 2 conditioners that it sells in fliptop bottles instead of squeeze tubes. These, the "Shea Butter Conditioner - Repairing" and the "Jojoba Conditioner - Strengthening" are the top of its line and superb for detangling under the shower.

The DermOrganic Conditioning Shampoo is completely free of sulfates & anything else harsh, and has argan oil. Although personally I prefer it mixed w/ Burt's Bees Baby Bee shampoo, it is very gentle for those who like an occasional shampoo.

MAJOR CORRECTION: I just found out (7/10) that Desert Essence has been acquired, and both the conditioners I recommended have been totally reformulated. The new ingredients don't look near as good as the old, IMO. So I withdraw my recommendation to add those. I still like the DermOrganic shampoo.
Problem hair: No longer too porous (yay!). 2c/3a w/ lots of natural kinkiness (natural crimping) so resistant to forming defined curls, med. texture, but thinning since Sept. 2011 due to autoimmune illness.

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