I LOVE this thread, how awesome of an idea was this?!

Don't call my house and when I answer the phone say to me, "Who's this?"

You called MY number. Figure it out.

SERIOUSLY, i hate this so much. i live in phoenix.....and there are a LOT of non-english speaking mexicans. so i get these phone calls, and it's someone jabbering in spanish, then when i say hello again, they ask me "oo ezz zis?" i hang up at that point. which brings me to another one.............YOU ARE IN AMERICA. LEARN THE ENGLISH ****ING LANGUAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you don't like it, then go the hell back to where you came from. This applies to all mexicans, asians, iraqians, people who do not speak a lick of english.

to my roommate: :x I DO NOT LIKE YOU. :x It was a huge mistake to move in with you, and now im stuck for another 9 months until our lease is up. Tell your fat ass financee to get a JOB and pay rent if he is going to practically live with us. Buy your own cigarettes (and his too, since he has NO MONEY) i will not support 3 habits, thank you. Stop turning on the AC when it is f'ing 43 degrees outside. it's not my fault that you and your financee are both fat asses that start sweating when you take a step. :x

roommates financee: YOU ARE FAT. You will make a sandwich, sit down, eat that, when there's two bites left, you'll get up, make something else, sit down, eat that, two bites left, get back up, grab a bag of chips, eat those, when there's a couple left, you get BACK up, make somethin else....repeat repeat repeat. Is there a moment when you are NOT stuffing your face???? AND THEN......you get work-out magazines with pictures of skinny muscle men on the cover, and moan and complain "why can't i look like this?!" TURNS OUT, constant eating and never working out, makes you fat. hmm, who would've known?!

on that same note.....i really don't like fat people. Especially when they complain about they're weight and don't do anything to change it. if they are cool about it and can joke, then that's fine, i have no problem with them. but what's up with the fat *****es that wear tweety bird/tazmanian devil/winnie the pooh/eeyore shirts?! and the shirts that say "its not easy being a princess" or "im so perfect im jealous of myself" what IS that?!

i am a server. i HATE HATE HATE rude people that do not have manners. i am bringing your food and drinks...have the decency to say THANK YOU. that's all i want. and don't act like you are better then me. i hate that. yes, i live off of my tips, yes i make $2.13 an hour, and yes, i do talk with my co-workers about your cheap ass when you leave me a 10% tip. Oh, and don't tell me "you are the BEST server we have ever had, thank you so much, this was so great, you did a really good job," and then leave me 10%. Note to everyone that reads this: BE KIND TO YOUR SERVERS!!!!! If you receive good service, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE show your appreciation on the tip!!

and i agree with some of the other posts on here about bratty kids!!! leave them at home, or teach them manners!!! i want to be able to walk around a store without out of control bratty kids running into me because their parents don't discipline them.

wow, that felt really good, i feel a lot better!!

on a nicer note....im really glad i found this site!! everyone here is awesome, i love you guys!
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