I use some of the reformulated products, and they work better for me than the originals. I use the Milkshake and WC. I haven't tried the Spirals Cream, but I'm sure it works fine(on my list of products to try).

And to be fair, CURLS actually did post about the ingredient changes on their site(on the main page).

From the site(CURLS news):

CURLS packaging received a new look! We also updated our ingredient lists with the technical terms required for exporting....

With this makeover, we have also updated ingredient lists to reflect the technical terms required for registering in the FDA's Export Database. 2007 marks a year of growth for CURLS, both domestic and internationally! You will also notice that we have added great new key ingredient descriptors so you can understand the functionality behind key ingredients selected for our formulations.
Companies reformulate their products all the time. My concern is that the products perform the same(if not better). Luckily, I don't CG(I shampoo twice a month), so the changes don't necessarily affect me. And lucky for me, the products work better.

And I agree with you, Sahara. I think CG'ers are a smaller percentage of the company's overall sales, so the company is likely catering to its main customer base.
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