Some of these have already been said, but ah-well...

I cannot STAND people who are rude. Say PLEASE, say THANK YOU and treat others with the respect that they deserve. If there's a problem don't treat me like scum when I'm trying to sort it out, I'm just doing my job and I have feelings too. If you feel the need to complain DO IT - but DON'T be RUDE.

Don't lie to me either. Don't tell me you can keep a secret when you can't. Don't tell me that you/your child is a capable and confident horserider when it's the first time you've/they've ever been on a horse. Have you ANY idea how DANGEROUS that is? And don't shout at me if you're kiddie isn't over the insurance age limit - for G**'* sake, I DIDN'T MAKE THE RULES!!!

On the subject of horses, don't kick your horse in the ribs, jab him in the mouth and bounce on his back and then expect them to work hard for you. Don't you dare beat that innocent scared animal, don't keep it in a cage. And if I see you punch his face again damn you'll know it (that's for a specific person)!

If you're fat, deal with it. Don't complain to others about how fat people are portrayed in the media, don't spout out all the ''Fat Rights'' b******t. If you can't fit into an aeroplane seat don't blame the airline for your fat behind. Don't ask me to accept your body size, or call me ''sizest''. Don't tell me that you're happy the way you are, 'cause I don't care - I hope your happy when you eat yourself into an early grave, in that case.

If you live in my country then you speak my language. Don't come pleading asylum yet don't bother to learn English. It's common courtesy: I'd do the same for you.

TO A SO-CALLED FRIEND OFF MINE: Thanks for making me feel good about myself. Thanks for calling me ugly and thanks for calling me frizz head. Thanks for touting yourself as the model of perfection and beauty, and thanks for being a b**** when I needed you the most. Thanks for talking about me behind my back, and thanks for getting stroppy with me for not knowing what's wrong when you won't tell me. Thanks for everything.

Man, I feel better now!