All I've been looking for for the past 2 years is a way to kinda stretch my 3c/4a curls and not dry/frizz them out or damage them...but it can't be a long process because I have school work to do
I want it to look like this: (sorry it's small, its not my pic but that's what my curls would look like if they werent so annoying frizzy)
or this:

this is awefully frustrating and maddening, I'm 15 my mom shouldn't be doing my hair anymore, but since I can't take care of my own hair, my aunt is going to perm my hair in August before school because my hair is always a frizzy ugly mess
I've tried soooo many things and I only get this:

(none of those pics are mine btw) I want to stay natural, but it's like my hair is asking for the perm