Thanks soooooooooo much everybody...really.

I wish I couldn't remember how happy I was and how good I felt about myself this time last year It was my first big production in the city and I KNEW it was "just the beginning", but now I'm looking back and thinking, "Well, that was it. That was the most success I'm ever going to get." I know I can't think that way, but that's how I feel. I felt so good about myself, I was so happy, surrounded by so many people who were so excited and proud of me and now I just feel a total 180 from all of that.

My mom is going through her own issues and I know she's just projecting all of her anger about her own life on me. She kept throwing my age at me and saying I had nothing to show for it, but I'm also not 60-years-old and gave-up a GREAT career in order to retire with a man who was cheating on me for ten years. (Like she did!) She has to be angry at herself and feel like she has screwed-up her own life.

She had Dr. Phil on and I was barely listening and she went, "Are you LISTENING to this? I hope you are..." and the woman was saying that she can't get a job because she's unattractive and has frizzy, I'm unattractive and have frizzy hair and if only I wasn't, I'd have a job!

She really needs to find a job of her OWN, but she's online 24/7 on dating websites because, as we all know, being single is the most tragic thing in the entire world.