My mom is going through her own issues and I know she's just projecting all of her anger about her own life on me. She kept throwing my age at me and saying I had nothing to show for it, but I'm also not 60-years-old and gave-up a GREAT career in order to retire with a man who was cheating on me for ten years. (Like she did!) She has to be angry at herself and feel like she has screwed-up her own life.
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Oh D, I can't believe shes behaving like that. Well, yes I can. Just keep reminding yourself of the above and that she most likely jealous of all that you have done in such a short time, and here she is at 60 having to pretty much start over.

You must hate hearing it at this point, but there is something so amazing waiting for you just around the corner. Its terrible having to go through all this in the mean time, but it will be something amazing when it happens.

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