I actually use just a round boar bristle brush and a blow dryer. Once the section is dry, I twirl the end of the brush for about 30 seconds and it makes those soft waves.

I don't have the exact link, but go to youtube.com and type in Chaz Dean blowout.

Good luck!
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Thank you! I will have to try this some time.

That way sounds so much easier and better for the hair! I just haven't been able to blow mine out without it getting huge and unmanageable.
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I agree with her tho, my hair never turns out "touchable" with the blow dryer yet. It's always a poodle puff afterwords...

Ill try to practice one day soon.
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if that happens try putting a ton of your favorite hair oil and then rinsing it out in the shower...than after blowdrying touch up with some of that oil (the best i think is olive oil) makes my hair at least 50%less poofy afterwards