I am often overwhelmed by the number of products available in Curl Mart. I like that I can "Shop for products by hair type" but would appreciate the ability to narrow the search. For example, as of today there are 122 reviews for AG Re:coil and the reviews are by all hair types. When I click on the reviews, I have to wade through all 122 to find reviews for 3b hair. It would be helpful to be able to search reviews for only my hair type (or am I just being too picky and/or lazy?). I have the same issue in Curl Talk. I am new to the forum and would like to be able to search all of Curl Talk for 3b product and hair care recommendations. (I DO find the 3b forum very helpful, but would still like the search capability.)

Also, in addition to hair type, it would be helpful if hair texture was a choice in setting up individual profiles so that it would be displayed in reviews. 3b "fine" vs 3b "coarse" makes a big difference in choosing products.

I Love NC.com and Curl Talk!!!!!