I stumbled across a youtube hair and beauty channel (AndreasChoice) and she has decided to start treating her curls better with natural shampoos, heat once a month instead of everyday, went vegetarian, etc and her hair grew sooo much in a year's time. In one of her videos she says you can lighten hair with a honey and olive oil mix. I did a google search and found another beauty site, hairrecipes.homestead.com, that said you can indeed lighten hair with a honey and conditioner mix because "Honey contains natural Hydrogen peroxide. Iron in honey oxidizes the oxygen free radicals released by the hydrogen peroxide." They say you can wrap it up and let it sit for up to 8hours on your hair.

I ran across naturallycurly.com the same day as her videos (So glad I found you guys!) but the only thing I've found on the forums about honey and olive oil is that they are good conditioners, nothing about lightening aspects. Personally, I trust the CG community about the health of my curls more than I trust one youtuber and an internet site because you all are so knowledgable, and all of you just want to help other curlies out =] . If you think this lightening technique would work and not damage my hair, I would love to try it. I always have honey and olive oil around the house so I like the idea of not having to go out and buy something new!