i dont really have any advicee, other than to try braidouts and twist outs. my braidouts look like a stretched verson of my real curl patter b/c i do big plaits, and i don't comb out the natural pattern before plaiting. i guess you can try that. might work w/ a twistout too.

but i really came in here to say that i now realize that my mother gave me a lot more opportunity to be self autonomous than i realized. how can your aunt MAKE you relax your hair at 15?! like... is she gonna hold you down and apply it or something? i really don't get it...

also... if that's you in your avi, i prefer your hair over those pics you posted...

ETA: i'm sorry if my post comes off as rude, because (for once) i actually dont mean for it to sound that way.
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would the twist out last at least all week so I dont have to re-do it everyday?

my aunt doesn't want me to go to school with my hair looking a mess, and the hair softener (I thought it was a relaxer) worked so well in my twin sister's hair, so she wants to do mine

I WISH that was me in that picture, but it's Hannah Hodson, I like how she has naturally curly hair and the producers of Hawthorne didn't force her to straighten it