How do you apply gel now & what gel r u using?

I apply gel pretty much as per CG handbook. It might b a slight variation. Apologies if this method is no different to how u do it now.

So, i apply the gel after I've cowashed, RO, LI & blot with shirt to dry excess moisture. I tilt my head to one side & scrunch in the gel and the same on other side. Then I just spread a small bit on top to eliminate frizz. Don't touch til all dry then SOCT.

Seems to work fine for now. I'm transitioning so the ends of my hair are usually very dry ... But it's better using gel w/out cones/alcohol.

However, the difference between my natural & relaxed hair is more evident when I use gel, compared to when I use mousse. I've tried curling with my fingers, rollers, clips - to no avail. So if anyone has tips pls let us know