Currently I use AmPro Styl Gel but today I went to their website and they have some products that are supposed to be formulated for curly hair so I might order some of that gel instead.

I don't know about the CG handbook but I read some of that method with plopping lol with a tshirt to dry faster.

I learned about natural hair care on the Long Hair Forum website where I learned that I'm not suppose to use any ingredients that end in:


That's also where I learned about cowash method though most people on there also use vinegar, baking soda, honey, and even beer to wash their long hair to keep it long lol

My new routine is daily or at least 5 times a week:

1. Scrub my scalp with my algae conditioner by Crabtree & Evelyn.

2. Cowash the hair shaft with TRESemmé Naturals SLEEK to soften and detangle (once a month I actually use a comb in this step because I always choose a second conditioner that has coconut oil) and let conditioners sit in hair.

3. Wash my body and then rinse out both of those conditioners.

4. After shower while hair completely soaking wet I use a third conditioner as my leave-in ... TRESemmé Naturals MOISTURE. I love how it keeps my hair moisturized even after 48 hours if I go without cowashing for days because it has Aloe Vera and Avocado.

5. After fully penetrating the hair with the third conditioner I squish in the kinky curly curling custard KCCC but only to the bottom 2 inches of hair tips.

6. Then I use any choice of my favorite gels similar to shingling but I call mine "Puddle and Ribbon Method" because the application allows it to continuously clump up even as I add the gel though out entire head.

7. Then I decide if I'm wearing it down or in a ponytail.

Some of my concerns are if I wear ponytails too often and I also have a huge concern with the way I sleep because I NEVER do anything at night to my hair but go to bed lol.

Because I use 3 conditioners I chose to only deep condition every now and then. I don't want to over condition and weaken the hair but on occasion I switch out the second conditioner for a protein conditioner to rebuild and restore strength. Also, I have only been using protein gels so I try to not use too much protein in conditioner.

Otherwise I have sat under HOOD DRYER for hours with just virgin coconut oil and some of my favorite conditioner with my hair inside a plastic hair cap.

I found the Kinky Curly Custard does a great job of enhancing and promoting my natural curls which are spirals. Other than that I pretend to not focus on my hair saying anything else is just too much thought on simple hair )) LOL

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