Like someone else here has said, my boyfriend will touch my hair or try to run his fingers in it and when I tell him he's messing up my curls he says "You cant mess up curly hair". What bugs me that he is naturally curly too! ughh, he use to grow it out but 3 years ago he went buzzcut. When we first started dating I would ask him do you like my naturally curly hair, or when I flat iron it better. He would say straight -.- When I'd ask why, he said because he hated his curly hair so much because it was a lot of work and he was "tired of curls". Whatever. We've been together for almost 2 years and ever since I've gone CG (well Mod CG while I use up the last of my old products) he compliments my hair more and likes how much less of a hassle my curls are versus straight hair (always touching it up, spending money at the salon, spending hours infront of the mirror). Maybe he's getting use to it.

I tell him that people pay money to make their hair have curls. All I have to do is wash my hair and there ya go! Saving money left and right